Current work in progress:

“Dying to Be Equal?  Women’s Work, Smoking, and the Growing Gap in U.S. - European Female Life Expectancy” (with David M. Cutler), work in progress.
“Missing Women in the Former Soviet Union?  Son Preference and Children’s Health in the Transition from Communism,” work in progress.     

“Do Child Benefits Raise Fertility Rates?  Evidence from Pronatalist Policies in the Soviet Union" (with Olga Malkova), work in progress.


Other working papers:

Human Development in Eastern Europe and the CIS Since 1990,”  United Nations Development Program, Human Development Research Paper 2010/16, July 2010.

The Economic Effects of the 1918 Influenza Epidemic,” (with Mark Siegler), CEPR Discussion Paper 3791, November 2003.